About me

I am an enthusiastic, efficient and deadline-orientated editor in the field of developmental and stem cell biology with a research background in developmental biology. I feel strongly about integrity in scientific publishing and research culture, with an interest in promoting training and skills for early-career researchers (ECRs). I pride myself on being reliable, task-focused and organised, with strong interpersonal and project management skills developed from working with several different teams and stakeholders, as well as across a range of biological disciplines.

  • KEY PHRASES: Scentific research ~ Science communication ~ Publishing ~ Project management
  • LOCATION: Cambridgeshire, UK

Education and employment

The Company of Biologists⤣ (Cambridge, UK)

A not-for-profit publisher of five scientific journals: Development, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Experimental Biology, Disease Models and Mechanisms and Biology Open. As a registered UK charity, the Company invests surplus revenue in the scientific community through activities such as grants, workshops and meetings, and community sites such as the Node, preLights and FocalPlane.

Oct 2023 - present

Senior Editor, Development⤣

Jul 2022 - present

Part secondment: Centenary Project Coordinator

In my role as Project Coordinator, I oversee the planning and organisation of The Company of Biologists' various centenary celebrations to take place in 2025. I am responsible for ensuring that the different projects are on track to be delivered on time and within budget. I report to the Publisher and Marketing Manager, working closely with relevant in-house teams, as well as third parties, such as professional conference organisers and branding, marketing and media companies.
  • KEY PHRASES: Project management ~ Marketing ~ Media ~ Organisation ~ Events

Dec 2018 - Oct 2023

Reviews Editor, Development⤣

As a Reviews Editor, I commission, handle and developmentally edit "front-section" content (i.e. review-type articles, features and opinion pieces) for Development - a leading academic journal in the field of developmental and stem cell biology.Primarily, my role involves project managing articles from their conception to publication, which includes creative thinking for article topics, working with invited authors, organising peer review, copy editing manuscripts, figures and proofs, as well as managing the scheduling of content for each fortnightly issue. In addition, my role entails various forms of communication including producing interviews, Development presents... webinars, films, press releases and “Research Highlights”. I represent the journal and The Company of Biologists, at national and international meetings, workshops and conferences. I report to the journal's Executive Editor, and I also work closely with the in-house team of front-section Editors, Editorial Administrators, graphics artists, Production Editors and QC team, as well as the publisher's Events Organisers and Marketing team.Through my position as a Review Editor, I have gained experience in promoting journal content and events, on social media (Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook and Instagram), as well as knowledge and understanding of the academic publishing industry, including developments around Open Access, transformative journals, research integrity and peer review.
  • KEY PHRASES: Developmental editing ~ Commissioning ~ Publishing ~ Science communication ~ Networking
  • KEY TOPICS: Developmental biology ~ Stem cells ~ Regeneration

Living Systems Institute⤣ (University of Exeter, UK)

Jul 2016 - Dec 2018

Associate Research Fellow, Philip Ingham's group
▪ Guest Research Fellow, Fabian Rentszch's group, Sars Institute (Bergen, Norway)
▪ Visiting Research Fellow, A*STAR (Singapore)

I established the Ingham lab, including the procurement of lab supplies and equipment, and managing the lab including inventory, software, IT and data management. In addition, I wrote grant applications, risk assessments and ethics applications. I set up a Nematostella vectensis husbandry and microinjection facility, following a two-month work placement in Bergen, Norway. I also initiated a research project investigating the evolution of the Hedgehog signalling pathway and supervised students carrying out short research projects, reporting to the Director of the Institute.
  • KEY PHRASES: Science administration ~ Lab management ~ Procurement ~ Husbandry

Sep 2015 - Jul 2016

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Jim Smith's group

I investigated the role of an extracellular matrix protein in lymphatic and neuronal development in the zebrafish using immunofluorescence. I also performed confocal time-lapse in vivo microscopy of transgenic zebrafish and used CRISPR-Cas9 technologies for the genetic manipulation of zebrafish.I used TALENS to generate a stable mutant zebrafish line. I evaluated the differences between morpholino knockdown and genetic mutants for a gene with a role in zebrafish primary haematopoiesis (blood development) using small-molecule inhibition, molecular methods and whole-mount histological staining.
  • KEY PHRASES: Research ~ Developmental biology ~ Zebrafish 

Sep 2011 - Sep 2015

PhD Student, Jim Smith's group

University College London (UCL, UK)

Sep 2011 - Sep 2015

PhD Cell and Developmental Biology

University of Portsmouth (UK)

Sep 2008 - Jul 2011

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, First



Eve AMJ and Smith JC. Knockdown of Laminin gamma-3 (Lamc3) impairs motoneuron guidance in the zebrafish embryo [version 1; referees: 2 approved, 2 approved with reservations]. Wellcome Open Res 2017, 2:111. DOI: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.12394.1

Eve AMJ, Place ES, and Smith JC (2017). Comparison of zebrafish tmem88a mutant and morpholino knockdown phenotypes. PLoS ONE; 12(2): e0172227. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0172227

Cannon JE, Place ES, Eve AMJ, Bradshaw CR, Sesay A, Morrell NW, and Smith JC (2013). Global analysis of the haematopoietic and endothelial transcriptome during zebrafish development. Mech. Dev.; 130, 122–31. DOI: 10.1016/j.mod.2012.10.002


Eve, A and Hobert, O (2024). The homeobox – 40 years of discovery. Development; 151 (6): dev202813. DOI: 10.1242/dev.202813 

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Professional development and training

Publishing and communication skills

Project management skills

People management skills

Outreach and public engagement

Grants and awards

Feb 2018

British Society for Developmental Biology: Conference Grant 

£555 GBP

May 2017

Young Embryologists Network: Travel Award

£50 GBP

Jan 2017 - May 2017

Company of Biologists, Development: Travelling Fellowship

DEVTF-161111: “Evolutionary origins of the Hedgehog signalling pathway.”
  •  Alex Eve, Philip Ingham (Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter).
  •  Fabian Rentzsch (Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology)

£2,400 GBP


Meetings, conferences and workshops